Third Party Logistics (3PL)

We understand the significance of partnering with a strategic business ally to deliver logistical services and supply chain solutions for your cargo needs.
aerial view of blue and white boat on body of water during daytime
aerial view of blue and white boat on body of water during daytime
photo of cargo cru ship
photo of cargo cru ship




With our extensive network of offices and associates worldwide, we bolster our infrastructure and capability to meet all our clients' needs effectively.

Dedicated to exceptional customer service, we adhere closely to industry standards and craft tailored solutions that perfectly align with the unique requirements of each project.

We innovate technological solutions to continuously enhance processes and ensure optimal control over all our operations.

Logistics Services on a Global Scale within the United States

The seasoned team at Sea Movers recognizes the criticality of a strategic business partnership that offers extensive industry expertise and well-equipped facilities alongside core cargo transport services. Our comprehensive service suite delivers significant value across your supply chain, providing tailored logistics solutions for your cargo needs.

Sea Movers provides:

- Warehousing and Distribution Solutions

- 24/7 Security Surveillance

- Weighing Facilities

- Freezing Chambers

- High-Value Cargo Storage (Valuables Gate)

- Long-Term Storage Options

yellow and black plastic trash bins
yellow and black plastic trash bins
brown cardboard boxes on white metal rack
brown cardboard boxes on white metal rack

Transportation and Warehousing Services between the United States and Mexico

Customers of Sea Movers enjoy the advantage of our strategic location within the Federal Area, ensuring that cargo transfer times from our warehouse to the AICM Customs Office are under five minutes.

Our team of industry experts and our facilities offer:

- Cargo Conditioning prior to Customs entry

- Package/Skid identification

- Storage Space for temperature-controlled merchandise

- Sample Freezer availability

- Crossdock Services

- Pick-up and Delivery Options

FCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

Break Break Bulk & RoRo

We transport your goods based on their unique characteristics, utilizing the most suitable type of full container for each product.

We offer a comprehensive Ocean Freight solution to any destination worldwide, allowing for consolidated shipments without the requirement to wait for a full container to ship or arrive.

We specialize in transporting break bulk cargo, which cannot be accommodated in standard containers, as well as RoRo cargo that necessitates specialized rolling equipment for unloading.

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